Essay on African Americans

on African Americans

In the years before the American Civil War the Southern and the Northern economies had started growing further and further apart. Without a shadow of doubt, several important factors had contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War. Still, it is fair to consider the difference between economic development and structure in the North and in the South to be one of the dominant factors. can write a Custom Essay on African Americans for You!

American economy was primarily dependant on agriculture, though after the English Industrial Revolution the economic structure in the North of the country had changed. The North became a region of manufacturing, and most importantly the region of employment skilled workers. On the other hand, the South did not develop such an industrialized economic structure and centered the full energy around the growth of cotton, employing enslaved and also free African Americans. The employment approach of the Northerners was not accepted in the South because the planters were not willing to hire expensive mobile workers.

This way, while in the North the Industrial Revolution brought along liberal abolitionist thoughts, the economic and social structure in the South managed to embed slavery in the policy of the region even deeper. Certainly, the abolitionist movement was not supported by all in the North, though there people started to understand that the way their “enslavement” by the British was despicable, so was the way Americans had enslaved African Americans for years. Additionally, beginning of the nineteenth century was the time when powerful evangelical movements arose in America underlying each person’s responsibility for the wellbeing of the other.

Free African Americans had played a vital role in the development of the abolition movement. Not only they tried to raise religious awareness of the sin of slavery, but they also had sponsored creation of organizations which distributed anti-slavery literature and participated into various anti-slavery events.

Ending slavery was one of the main goals of the American Civil War mostly because it was one of the main stumbling blocks between the North and the South. It cannot be denied that the Civil War changed the social position of African Americans for better because at the end they became free. However, slaves were used in fighting the war because of the lack of white-man power. Thus, the social status had been changed though for a cost of many deaths.


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Essay on African Americans

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