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In his Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases Manuel Velasquez presents ethics and moral concepts related to modern business. He uses moral concepts in order to gives his view on the contemporary complicated business issues. He uses reasoning and analyses applying moral concepts to the business ethics. He shapes our problematic moral issues of modern business world and gives his ideas about the reasons and consequences of these problems. He goes further and turns to the analyses of natural environment in the spotlight of business ethics. can write a Custom Essay on Business Ethics for You!

Ethics in business is a complicated issue of vital importance and Velasquez’s study gives his own interpretation of this phenomenon. Velasquez centres on four areas of business ethics and moral dilemmas in business. He discusses the themes of prices and markets, consumers, environmental issues and attitudes between employees and employers.

Velasquez defines moral standards as types of thinking and behaviour that can bring profit or damage to other people. These norms are very often regulated and defined by the modern society. Velasquez applies moral norms to different business issues and defines right and wrong behaviour in business using his understanding of right and wrong. In this way he defines price-fixing done by the producers to be harmful for the customers. At the same time he gives employees moral right to baring concerning prices and salaries. He believes that such an approach can defend the rights of the employees. In such an approach we can see double-standard policy applied by the author. The author believes that when the prices are fixed be the employers this is immoral, while he sees nothing wrong in the situation when employees fix the same prices. Here we can see that he does not follow his own logics. While he believes that prices fixing can be dangerous for the consumers, he applies this conclusion only to the case of employers. If we believe that employers can harm customers by price fixing, we can assume that price fixing in general is harmful for the consumers. Nevertheless, Velasquez contradicts his own logics staying that price-fixing is applied by the employees is not harmful for the customers. Such a contradiction can be explained by the author’s use of Marxist theory, which states that interests of employers are always opposed to the interests of employees. Marxist theory proves its ineffectiveness in many countries, where communists and socialist regimes have proved its utopic nature but Velasquez turns to the ideas similar to Marxism in his book.

This is not the only contradiction in his reflections on the business ethics. Environmental issues, discussed in the book, also show a kind of controversy, which arises in the author’s logics. Speaking about the state policy in regard of the environment, he states that globalization and multinationalism can be regarded as immoral moving to the countries with poor environmental situations, American companies commit an immoral thing. He states that in this way companies from the more developed countries assist to the countries, where environmental laws are not developed up to the proper level yet. I believe that business developments and world cooperation can not be a reason of immortal behaviour. Despite the book contains a lot of useful and interesting facts and touches important and vital topic, the way of author’s reasoning puts under doubt some conclusion he drops in his book.


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Business Ethics Essay

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