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all begun in the morning when we arrived at school at eight everyone carrying there packs and sleeping bags. Some with tents and some wondering were they would sleep that night. We hopped on the buss’s after being checked off at about quarter to nine. I was lucky enough to ride up front in the beaten mini-bus which Mr. bridges would be driving. The ride up was not very long but Mr. Bridges beautiful singing made it even shorter. As we arrived in Ballarat Mr. Bridges gave us his local tour guide talk seeing as though he grew up in the tiny town. We arrived at the Pax Hill scout camp thank full that we would not have to listen to Mr. Bridges sing. First we just mucked around throwing some balls around and picking our tent areas which was important the less amount of rock and foliage underneath the better nights sleep. It was then time to set up the tents. This was a fairly easy task but thinking about how three guys would fit in that small tent we had managed to put up. With all that in the back in the mind it was time to get in our groups and begin the activities.

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Orienteering was first fairly easy but a lot of fun running around having some fun while looking for little yellow poles. The post were easy to pick out except for the ones hidden by bark and leaves. After orienteering was catching shrimp in a little very poor looking pond. We tied some raw meet to string then to a stick and threw it out and hoped. No luck we caught two shrimp while supposedly others had caught 14. Then time for obstacle course. As a group we had to get through a tire without touching it. This proved very hard but a great time. After this we had to cook our meals in the little gas stoves was a lot of fun seeing what people had bought, someone had bought lamb cutlets form home with veggies. A nice dinner out in the bush. Before nightfall it was time for abseiling. A ten metre walk rose above. The instructors jumped down like it was nothing to hard. As I leaned over the edge I realised it wasn’t so simple and I was just hoping I had a good change of jocks. Once I arrived on the ground I was happy to stay there and we set off for the Camp fire. A huge fire was lit and people enjoyed adding to it and roasting marshmallows. From the light of the fire it was time for the mine. The mine was pitch black and with only two torches in there many were scared to move forward. It made it even harder with huge Mr. Gotch and Mr. Bridges jumping out at you from little corners of the mine, if the look of them didn’t scare you then the surprise did. This was all fun and some were loving being out in the open but some would’ve rather stayed inside. But now it was time for bed. Many found it hard to sleep on the hard and rocky ground and with not much sleep many rose very grumpy in the morning and weren’t ready for the morning bush walk the teachers weren’t the kids favourite people after the walk we packed our tents and returned home. The camp was a great one and I didn’t realise one and a half days could be so fun. Thanks to Mr. Bridges and the other teachers who helped out.


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Example Essay on Camp

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