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has come a long way over the past century. There is an advance in medicine, equipment to help people with their everyday needs, and faster communication. Everyday someone is trying to improve or help society with inventions and discoveries. Scientists have been experimenting with the ability to clone since 1962, when John Gurdon claimed to have cloned frogs from adult cells. The next surprising outbreak in cloning was in 1996 when scientists successfully cloned an offspring from adult sheep cells. Now scientists want to move on to larger experiments in cloning. Human cloning is a controversial topic which is being argued in our nation’s capital (John’s Cloning Page). There are mixed views about human cloning and whether it will be good for society or bad. The sources that I found express different opinions about human cloning. Each source gives a great deal of reasons to support their view about human cloning.

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When I began my research I wanted to make sure I was using reliable resources. I decide to visit the official site online for human cloning. The website seems extremely reliable because on the top of the homepage, the creators state, “HumanCloning.org is the official site in support of human cloning technology. The Human Cloning Foundation has been determined to be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law” (HumanCloning.com). This quote immediately caught my eye when I began scanning the page. By stating what kind of organization the webpage is for and how they are operated makes the researcher feel a little more comfortable when gathering information from this site.

The site supplies the researcher with a numerous amount of links to help him understand everything there is to know about human cloning. Essays, books, reviews are provided to further a person’s knowledge on cloning. There are articles by different authors to give an insight on why human cloning is a good thing to experiment. Not only are there articles, but also news reports. These news reports are from newspapers and news magazines reporting the latest discoveries and arguments on human cloning. This webpage is extremely detailed and does a good job of trying to attract the researcher in and understand what human cloning can do for the world.

As I was searching for information on human cloning I decided I wanted to read what the U.S. was saying about this specific topic. I found newspaper article from USA Today titled “The real face of CLONING.” The article discusses the dangers human cloning will face. For example, author Tim Friend states, “Scientists predict that [cloned babies] will be hooked up to respirators because their hearts and lungs will have been deformed.” This article brings to reality the seriousness of human cloning by letting citizens know that during the process of cloning there are a high number of fetuses lost until scientists can figure out a way to pass the fetus stage (Friend).

“A USA Today poll shows 86% of Americans say human cloning should be illegal,” says writer Tim Friend. Congress has introduced many bills to make human cloning illegal. Unfortunately none of these bills have been passed yet because the bills also include banning stem cell research (Friend). Giving Americans this kind of information can entice them to believe in anti-cloning. Friend also describes what exactly researchers want to create and how they plan on bringing cloning to reality.

Another key topic Friend writes about is the cost of having a cloned child. No one can be positive the cloned children will be perfect. Cloned children could be developed with imprinting disorders that can cost anywhere from $1 million to $20 million over a child’s lifetime. This is a good point to consider when a parent is thinking about having the responsibility of a cloned child.

The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights edited by Justine Burley protests human cloning and really supports the argument with detailed examples. This book is a collection of articles by seven different writers. Together the articles explain their disapproval for human cloning. Alan Colman, author of “Why Human Cloning Should not be Attempted” declares, “[human cloning] is unethical for two main reasons: it would be unsafe and it would be inefficient (14).” Colman has an effective way of supporting his argument. He starts out by giving the reader an overview of Dolly the sheep. Next he states different questions about human cloning and how dangerous cloning can be. For example he asks, “How many fetuses might be miscarried or aborted? Think of any cloned child who was seriously deformed as a product of the cloning procedure (Colman 15).”

Colman’s conclusion he states again his belief on human cloning. He makes the reader understand if a child was cloned, he would lack its own unique identity. This is a fine point Colman makes (18).

Cloning is an idea that has been experimented with and pondered upon for decades. Now in the twenty-first century people are beginning to realize the seriousness of cloning and its effects. The sources I found were able to give me a clearer grasp on human cloning. Every source had a unique way of arguing their point about human cloning.


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Example Essay on Cloning

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