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know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

Robert McCloskey

Communication is such a common part of our everyday life that usually we forget about its meaning. We forget that good communication is the thing that builds our relationships with people around us and basically installs important connections. It seems to be very easy as we practice communication upon the every day basis and often do not control its flow. Good communication is primarily mutual understanding that id important not only with our friends and families, but even more in our working environments. According to numerous researches, people are paying more attention to non-verbal signs that we deliver during the communication process, then to the information. So, it is important that there were no barriers in the communication process for effective interactions with people. can write a Custom Essay on Communication for You!

Basic communication skills include questioning, listening, explaining and reflecting. We should put these skills into practice if we want to achieve consensus with the partner. But there exist communication barriers that can spoil the communication process. There are many diverse forms of barrier which impede the communications process. These barriers are particularly important in the context of the spatial sciences, but our understanding of their nature and significance is scant, as is out knowledge of the most appropriate way to handle them in modelling and policy assessment exercises (Button & Rossera, 1990) They are divided into physical and emotional. Physical communication barriers are not always connected with language. They include time, environment, needs, comfort, physical medium and personal space. When the person feels uncomfortably in the situation he will not be to concentrate upon the conversation and percept maximum information. He will just be concentrated upon his own feelings regarding his needs and comfort and communication will definitely be spoilt. For example, when it is too cold or too hot in the room where negotiations are carried out, then it will be difficult for participants to concentrate upon the discussed item.

I would like to discuss emotional barriers in details as they are usually harder to be identified and can lead to false perceptions. One of the main barriers to communication is perceptions and prejudices. The thing that matters about this barrier is that people usually to not admit to having them, but still we suffer from this barriers. It is very much connected with ethical behavior, but even trying to control it, people can experience this barrier at subconscious level. These prejudices include race, religion and gender. People have their personal backgrounds and frames of reference through which they analyze received information and give feedback and it can be rather difficult to stay neutral and behave ethically with the people we dislike or consider different from ourselves. As an example I can propose the situation when two specialists in particular sphere are communicating at the conference, one is about 25 years old and the other is more then 60, and the elder person do take what is said by younger specialist for serious because of his age.

The other obstacle to effective communication is stereotyping. It refers to the people’s ability involve and apply their past experience or commonly considered facts about particular nations, professions, etc. in the communication process. By doing that people communicate with already formed attitude to the person. They do not hear what they are told and do not perceive information in the proper way insisting on their inner belief about the person. For example, when a young woman with blond hair is applying to the position of system administrator, HR manager would probably do not take her seriously.

So, let the communication flow be smooth and all barriers to overcome!


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Essay on Communication

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