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What does the DNP represent to you? What do you hope to accomplish with a DNP? Why do you want to pursue a DNP?

For me, earning a DNP degree represents the next necessary stepping stone in my personal and professional development. I want to continue my involvement in clinical practice after I finish the degree, therefore DNP option is more preferable to me than traditional PhD. I have left my career in finance and entered the healthcare field with a view to caring for individual patients and thus increasing the nation’s wellbeing. Although administration and research are attractive career pathways, my preference is clinical practice, which allows for direct human contact with the patient. can write a Custom Essay on DNP for You!

Every time I enter a new therapeutic relationship, I feel great pressure and responsibility. I have full awareness that health and probably happiness of each particular patient are in my hands, and for this reason I have no moral reason to fail or underperform. In order to excel, I need to expand my current knowledge on a continuous basis. Lifelong learning is nowhere more important that in the healthcare field: as new treatments or instruments are being introduced, they have to be immediately applied in practice, since often whether a person lives or dies is a matter of seconds. I strongly deem DNP will make me a more qualified professional and enabled to keep up to date with the latest medical development relevant for clinical practice. As American healthcare system becomes more and more complex, knowledge which is increasingly advanced is required to make it work effectively and for the benefit of all. I support the 2004 proposal by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to make the DNP degree compulsory for all advanced practice nurses by 2015.

On the other hand, DNP is still an advanced post-graduate degree. Apart from patient care, I would like to teach as a professor at a university in the future. I see this as a perfect opportunity to contribute to the nursing profession, share my knowledge and hopefully inspire other nurses by my commitment to this honorable profession. Being a teacher or mentor is a very fulfilling and rewarding role, since it gives a feeling that your intellectual achievements are being passed on to the next generation of healthcare practitioners.

Furthermore, there are certain personal qualities I would like to develop further by studying for DNP. For instance, stronger leadership skills for practice and health care delivery are cited as one of the outcomes of DNP completion. Also, I believe DNP program will allow me to deal with ethical issues in a more appropriate manner as they arise in the course of clinical practice.

So, my motivation for pursuing a DNP is threefold. First of all, I believe the program will make me a more skilled clinical practitioner. Secondly, it will give me a possibility to teach at the university level and transfer my knowledge at some point of time. Last but not least, I will become a more ethically aware and leadership oriented professional after competing the degree.


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DNP Essay

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