Essay about Article

Essay about Article:

In this essay I will focus my attention upon the information I got from two different articles, but which can be united with one common theme- how women yearn to be beautiful. The first one is called “Only Two Percent of Women Describe Themselves as Beautiful” about the Global Research that was conducted by Dove Company upon women perception of themselves and their understanding what a true beauty is. And the second one is “Decoding Victoria’s Secret: The Making of Sexual Beauty and Ambivalence” by Marie D. Smith about the Victoria Secret’s understanding of what beauty is and what should women do in order to feel themselves beautiful.

Women all over the world are very much concerned about their appearance. It is not probably their genuine concern, but predominantly influenced by mass-media. Dove’s Global Study revealed that only two percent from the thousands of women think that they are really beautiful. This conclusion based upon results of the research doesn’t mean that other women are not, or nowadays we are living in the world from which all women are gone, but it is the problem of women’s perception of themselves and critical attitude towards their appearance. When watching commercials and advertisements of Victoria Secret underwear, women come to such conclusions that will make them think a lot about their sexuality and they will critically evaluate themselves. can write a Custom Essay about Articles for You!

Women assume that their physical beauty appears to be an instrument and it is a mean of getting right men near them. Men are said to be the most important indicators of women’s beauty, as they primarily pay attention to their physical parameters. Victoria Secret envisions men being the sense of women’s life, not paying attention to such things as women self-esteem, their inner experiences and their internal needs and wants. Why women need beauty? Does beauty only bring happiness to their lives? Do they feel comfortable with men who percept them as a commodities? Dove Global Study claims that women understand what men are calling “beauty” and they call it “physical attractiveness”. According to the research, women consider that beauty has more broad meaning then just being physically attractive or correspond to some dictated standards of beauty. Women include more things into this notion, such as confidence, sense of humor and happiness. Being beautiful and attract men does not mean being happy, and women are looking for happiness in their lives.

Women agree that real physical beauty comes from inside with establishing harmonious relationships with themselves. On the other hand, Victoria Secret emphasizes upon sexual constituent of woman happiness. If a woman is sexually attractive to the opposite sex, then she is happy. This approach is a bit primitive by its nature. But the idea is that men usually respond to women as to visual objects, and not to them as personalities with rich inner world. …“the male gaze,” said to objectify a woman as a commodity for the pleasure of an absent male spectator (Smith).

Dove is sure that all women at any age can be beautiful and desirable. They have just to believe in that. Everything comes from inside, and if a woman decides that she is beautiful, nobody can eradicate this belief from her heart. It is the question of confidence and self-esteem. Nobody is responsible for women happiness, only they can change their reality the way they want it to be. Women can be beautiful having small breasts, gray hair or plus- size of clothes. Beautiful woman can be over 70 years old and at this age she will definitely know that happiness doesn’t depend upon admired men’s looks. There is something more in this world, more eternal values.

If a woman is young and sexy, she can easily attract a man to her life. But thinking that a man will bring meaning to her life has nothing to do with sex. It is still about internal confidence and mutual love and respect. A woman cannot be happy when she is only percepted by a man as sexually attractive object. Such desires are on surface of true man-woman relationships. True relationships include children, cooking dinners and may going to the village on week-ends. Have you seen aggressively sexual and teasingly indifferent mother of two or three children? I think the answer is obvious.

In the conclusion I would like to summarize that after thorough investigation, appears that both articles have good intentions. Both companies take care of women, but from different perspectives. And truly nothing can be called more important. What really matters is happiness of all women in the world. They are all unique and deserve for harmony in their lives. And let lip-stick or underwear choice be their greatest problem!

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Essay about Article

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