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Every day is a new challenge, is a series of tasks to be completed, and a collection of riddles to be solved. There were days in my life when challenges seemed overwhelming, when I was the only person to help myself and when I could only dream of living life, I do now. My particularly challenging experience was a chain of events I was faced with after moving to a new and foreign country. Despite time and difficulties, I put my best efforts and reached a desired outcome. can write a Custom Essay on Experience for You!

My mother and I moved from Egypt to the United States of America when I was a nine-year old child. Upon arrival, I found myself surrounded by different culture, unfamiliar people and a foreign language. Coming to the USA, I lacked any knowledge of English and as the time passed, the latter transformed into a particularly problematic issue.

Firstly, I spent five consecutive years in English as a Second Language Class, despite my higher aspirations for a regular English course. In the elementary school, I also lacked knowledge of the basis of math. Secondly, as the consequence of the previous, the years of middle school were marked by absence of friends. Being a shy child I was and lacking ability to communicate effectively with fellow students, I would abstain from participating in sports and limit myself. Thirdly, in the high school, I was forbidden to attend advanced class, as my teachers considered those being too demanding. It resulted in me being opinioned by the surrounding as someone unable to effectively handle, productively participate and successfully complete challenging courses.

Muhammad Ali once said, “it’s the lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself”. This quote became my inspiration, as at that time it was only me who could change my life. Considering the conditions, I could have been discouraged, could have followed the expectations others had of me or could have decided to passively watch life from the observers section, but I aspired for more. I set my goals and found inner strength to reach them.

I was determined to master my language skills. I practiced for hours every day, learned grammar, increased vocabulary and listened to native speakers. My aim was to attend a regular English course and my persistence was rewarded.

Following the improvement of the communicative abilities, the circle of my friends started to increase rapidly. I started making new acquaintances easily, engaging in demanding activities and now my former shyness is not an obstacle in reaching pre-determined goals. I abandoned my sheltered life and joined tennis and football teams; I am currently the vice president of the ping pong club. Despite the difficulties and lack of support, I found an opportunity to attend advanced classes and have completed those with impressive results.

As for the Math, it became the field of my particular interest. Once I have understood the basic concepts, I wanted to study it more in depth. I joined Math and Chemistry clubs and I am very eager to increase my involvement in Sciences and, particularly, Chemistry. I believe that my determination combined with newly-discovered passion for Science and Mathematics, could result in a successful career in the field.

I have learned through my own experience, how important a supportive smile, a good advice or a helping hand could be. I decided to share my experience with others and help them in acquiring their own. I became engaged in community service at the nursing home. Additionally, as for the ties with my native land, upon every summer trip to Egypt, I attend local orphanage, help and spend time with its little residents.

After the experience I have encountered, I approach every new challenge with endurance, perseverance and personal best efforts. I do not allow for discouragement coming from negative comments, subjective opinions, or lack of support.

Looking back through the prism of time and experience I have encountered, I come to conclusions that even though some alterations might have been made and might have influenced my life by transforming it into easier or more pleasures one, I would not like to change a single episode of it. The challenges I have faced the actions I have taken and the changes that occurred within my character, such as ways of perceiving difficulties or finding solutions have combined into a priceless experience and numerous memories.

Every day is a new a challenge, and after the experience of the past years, I am ready to face all the upcoming ones.


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Essay on Experience

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