Essay on Animals

essay on Animals:

(a) What is the author’s purpose in this Op-Ed piece?
Kelly Overton’s purpose in his article “When Animals Suffer, So Do We” is to deliver readers the message that low food prices on animal products decrease the quality of such products and so endanger people’s life. The author states that animals’ health guarantee people’s health and it is in our interests to care about animals and provide them with all necessary conditions. A lot of farmers trying to get more profit from their products give their animals special chemical food additives, it goes without saying that it has terrible consequences on our health. can write a Custom Essay on Animals for You!

(b) Is the lead-in effective? Why, or why not?
The lead-in is rather effective because the author makes an accent on growing rate of different cases of animal diseases in the USA and states that it is just time to change out attitude to animal’s health because our own health is dependant on it. Such introduction attracts people’s attention and makes them immediately think on this problem.

(c) Is the conclusion effective? Why, or why not
In the conclusion Kelly Overton appeals to all humans, emphasizing that our health directly depends on the health of other species. Human careless attitude to nature and its treasures guarantee animals and birds’ poor health and destruction of plants. People destroy forests, pollute water and air, poisoning different species, do not care about their farms, but they still do not realize that all these actions have terrible consequences not just on these species but on them, first of all. These author’s words are very effective because they must encourage people stop this destruction. The author encourages his readers to think about their healthy future.

(d) What effect does this Op-Ed have on you?
This Op-Ed is written in a publicist style and it is very persuasive. Of course, I know about these problems but earlier I haven’t paid much attention to them. This article made me look at them on the other hand and realize that these farming problems and animals’ health problems touch me and my health and so require my attention and efforts.

(e) Do you agree or disagree, and why?
I absolutely agree that our health depend on animal’s health and animals’ health in its turn depend on the environment around them. Such terrible nonhuman diseases, as avian flu, mad cow disease and some others have become wide spread only in recent years and it is necessary to look for the roots of them in people’s bad attitude to nature.

(f) Does the author offer a feasible solution? What is it?
The author does not offer a feasible solution. He just stresses all the weak points and consequences of bad farming in the United States. Kelly Overton names such serious problems as using antibiotics in animals’ raising, controlling the market by a few factory farms in specific areas, decreasing the prices on food and some others. Not offering a solution, the author gives the readers a possibility to find this solution by their own efforts and it is the right approach to the matter.

(g) Does the author address the opposing point of view? How?
The author addresses the opposing point of view saying that animal diseases can guarantee nonhuman animals more human lives. The author states it is so because if people want to be healthy, they should care for animals’ healthy, as for their own, it is the only possible way out. It is not the irony; it is the reality of our life.

(h) Do you agree with the author? Why or why not?
I agree with the author, because his arguments are persuasive. He presents not just his own thoughts but he supports them with actual facts. At the end of the article, we come to a conclusion that animals’ health is synonymous with our health.


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Essay on Animals

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