Example Essay on Fall of Rome

Roman Empire was one of the greatest and most powerful empires in history. The fall of the Roman Empire did not just happen over night. Several events took place before the empire finally crumpled.

There were many crisis and reforms in Rome and there were terrible struggles for power. Over a 50 year period 26 emperors were overthrown by intriguers and ambitious generals who took power with the support of their troops. There were many economic and social problems that struck Rome. The people of Rome were forced to pay high taxes and the bureaucracy placed heavy burdens on the farmers and the business people.

The Emperor Diocletain tried to restore the empire back to its normal powers. He divided the empire into two parts, the eastern and western empires. He tried to make himself become more respected and honored by surrounding himself with elaborate ceremonies.

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He also tried to slow down inflation. Another Emperor Constantine, continued to do what Diocletain started but Constantine made the eastern portion of the empire the center power. The western empire was in decline, but the eastern empire had much more people and resources became more prosperous.

Foreign Invaders were another cause of the fall of Rome. Rome was greatly impacted by the Huns because they migrated across central Asia and forced others like the Germanic people in to the Roman Empire. The Romans were defeated when they tried turning back the Visigoths at Adrianople. A Visigoth then over ran Italy and moved through Gaul and Spain to Northern Africa. After that the Germanic people began to occupy more and more of the Roman Empire. Finally, in 476 A.D., a Germanic leader by the name of Odoacer ousted the emperor of Rome, which eventually in turn, led to the “fall” of Rome.
The Roman Empire was a very successful empire, however, all powerful and successful empires had to come to an end. The empire did not decline instantaneously, but it slowly changed. Some people went on living the way they had before but with new rulers and they still spoke Latin. However, the Roman Empire became weaker and smaller until it was unknown.


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Example Essay on Fall of Rome

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