Pat Buchanan Essay

essay on Pat Buchanan:

1. What is Pat Buchanan’s main claim (thesis statement) in this argument?
The thesis statement of the article “To Reunite the Nation” written by Patrick Buchanan can be stated as follows. America has always been and still is a melting pot consisting of different nations that all add something to make America a bright country. However, under the present circumstances, in order for America to remain one country with its identity and Americans to remain one nation “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, the pace of the immigration should be sharply reduced. can write a Custom Essay on Pat Buchanan for You!

2. Who is his target audience?
The article is targeted first of all on the nation of the United States of America as well as on those who the wellbeing of this country may concern. The author is trying to bring the idea of an existing danger to people. He is proposing an immigration reform that will make the full assimilation of thirty million people who had arrived in the United States possible. He is promising the American people that, if they vote for him to become a president, he would protect the wellbeing of the country, starting with the reducing of new entry visas to the amount of 300,000 a year.

3. Identify the ways Buchanan appeals to the emotions and values of his target audience.
Buchanan’s article is persuasive and very emotional. He manages to present the existing situation in full, pointing out the problems America and Americans are facing right now. In his article he touches the values that are of great importance to every American. Moreover, he persuasively points out that all that is mostly treasured by Americans and all that has always defined America to be the dream country is in danger. Using a convincing, warm and emotional language, his article is touching each and every heart no matter if it is the heart of a patriot or not. At the end of the article he promises that with the reforms he is ready to offer, if elected, America would again become a melting pot with a mighty work of assimilation, and of shaping new Americans is held. Such an address is strongly patriotic and, without a shadow of doubt, it cannot be left unnoticed and unconsidered by the people of the Unites States as well as of those in the world community.

4. What’s your response to this essay?
The troubling signs of the immigration situation in the United States of America are well known to almost everybody. However, the article written by Pat Buchanan simply does not leave the heart untouched. In my personal opinion, the problems and threats Mr. Buchanan is pointing out are alarming indeed. I strongly agree with his prediction that if the immigration policies of America are left unchanged, the country can very soon become a land with no particular identity. As well as a land with no common language, no common culture, no common memory and, of course, no common future. Surely, I consider that the immigration should not be fully prohibited, however, it should definitely be reduced in order to protect the wellbeing of the Unites States of America.


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Pat Buchanan Essay

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