Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Essay on Philosophy of Nursing:

There are many theories which explain the philosophy of nursing. Nursing theory started to develop as soon as the need for more theoretical knowledge and methods for nursing started to grow. Most of the newest nursing theories began to develop in the ‘90s. When getting their professional education, the nurses study a lot of subjects, which they are supposed to apply later during their practice. There are a lot of skills that nurses develop from experience or from other formal sources. I believe that nursing theories contribute to better performing. All nursing theories are based on the attempts to find the methods, which would enable to take a better care of the patient. Most of them consider patient’s state, his or her abilities and needs. Different nursing theories are applied to different situations. Thus, the real professional approach would presume a unique care plan for each patient, which takes into consideration all the peculiarities of the case. Also some researchers criticize remoteness of nursing theories from practical activities of patient care. However, in spite of all their weak points, nursing theories are taking their stand, ranking with other medical theoretical studies and discussions and the forecast for the future development of nursing theories is rather positive than negative. can write a Custom Essay on Philosophy of Nursing for You!

Watson’s Theory of Caring is based on the relations between the patient and the nurse. In this theory both, an art and a science are combined. It includes both – special knowledge of the medical practice and art of human relations. Watson views nursing not only as giving care to the patients, but as a process of interaction, which appears between the nurse and the patient. Originally Watson developed his theory for individuals, but later it came to nursing. Watson makes an accent of such important notions as caring, ecology and holism. This approach assumes holistic treatment of the patient and nurse’s role is very important here.

Despite all modern advances in technology, which can be used in the field of medicine and new types of medicines it is important not to lose the basic objective of nursing. This basic objective is giving care. With the speed of modern technologies and busy nature of our everyday life it becomes very easy to turn to technical nature of communication and loose human relations and interaction, which must distinguish relations between the nurse and the patient. Watson underlines that there is a great need in transpersonal relations between nurses and patients. In order to fulfill this purpose, Watson includes mind, spirit and body into the care scheme. Only all three components taken together can provide a necessary care for the patient and help him or her to recover. Watson reminds us of this danger and this is something I want to keep in mind. I would like to fulfill the main objective of nursing – giving care to the patient and I believe that interpersonal communication is an important part of this process.


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Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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