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Experience Essay Example:

Every experience, every situation and every task be accomplish teaches us a lesson.

Sometimes, a lesson learnt can make us stronger, smarter, more cautious, or careful. In other situations, a lesson can make us want to give up, when something is not working out.

When I was a young consultant, my first professional experience, I learned a lesson of never asking questions. While it may appear too self-confident, I learned that trying to uncover the essence of the situation or find out the solution to a problem I can enrich my knowledge and polish my skills better compared to situations when I ask numerous questions and get a detailed guidance on how to act, what to say, and how to start. Nevertheless, sometimes it is important to ask in order not to fail.

Working as a young consultant, I got my own tasks I had to accomplish. One of my primary responsibilities was to implement reports for the management reporting system. Once I had to do an effort-estimation but I have totally underestimated the work and failed to deliver the reports in time. From one side, the failure indicated that I did not meet the goal. From the other side, I learned a valuable lesson.

There were enough experienced consultants and I could ask for help or advice with my report. However, I wanted to do everything by my own, without asking for help from the others. I wanted to show that I was capable of doing the job I was entrusted. I was and I am a very ambitious person and I believe in being able to achieve succeed in professional life. I am a good team player but preparing that report I did not want the project manager to get the impression that I ask others for help because I lack experience or knowledge to do the job properly. I learned from that experience that it is not an issue to ask, it is an issue not ask. Sometimes, asking questions is very important to get the job done.

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Professional Experience Essay

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