Succeeding in Business Essay

were times when people were satisfied when working for others. Back then one was happy to work the set amount of hours, receive the set amount of money and worry about the well-being of the organization he/she was working for only in terms of desire to keep the job. Of course even in those times there were those brave risk takers who dared to drift away from the common stream, start businesses of their own, enjoy the profits from these businesses and suffer the losses.

In the last couple of decades with spread of democracy and equal opportunities for all notions it has become really popular for a person to open up his/her private business. This is because people have become more independent and are not willing to work for the wellbeing of others. It is also so because from early years children are dreaming about having a lot of money when they grow up. Consequently, for many of these children the way to earn this money is to start a business. There are many benefits of owning a business, however, lower I would rather talk about what kind of a person one should be in order to become successful in businesses whether it is he/her private one or not. can write a Custom Essay on Succeeding in Business for You!

To begin with, in my opinion, anyone can be successful in business. Indeed, the business world requires its members to posses some particular characters, though these characters can be learnt. Thus, everyone who has a burning desire to be in business will succeed with his goals if he/she strongly wants it. If one is determined to do whatever it takes to work in this field, it is possible, we all just have to remember that we have to set goals and walk slowly towards achieving them. Then I consider that a businessman/woman today should be risk takers who are not afraid to try new things out, risk what they have for the possibility of future rewards and most importantly, not be frightened of making mistakes (Burlingham).

In order to be successful, a person working in business should be determined and motivated. Surely, he/she should be honest and decent, however, there are times when a businessman/woman should not play by the rules. Business world is unethical at times, however, those who accept it the way it is and are ready to break rules for it, will for sure succeed on the way. Additionally, I think that a person who wants to achieve great heights in business should be ready to learn from any sources there are. Moreover, he/she should not hesitate or even consider it humiliating to take somebody’s help.

In conclusion I would like to say that there are no strict steps one has to follow in order to achieve success. This is simply so because “success in business” is different for everyone, for some it is money, for some it is respect, for some-publicity. Finally, certainly one requires luck to be successful in business (Tracy), though it is mostly not about luck, but about hard work and sacrifice of personal desires for businesses ones.


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Succeeding in Business Essay

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