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Essay on TQM:

From the customer point of view, Total Quality Management is a tool that concentrates on the external customer delivering not only the product or service but also the attitude as a result of cooperative work among departments and contractors involved in the process.

Customers’ expectations vary on different parameters. Basically, the customer prefers a qualitative product or service that creates value for him or her at the affordable price. So the most universal variables are quality, value and cost. Ideally, the quality may exceed customer’s expectations though not every product without defects may be considered as qualitative. When getting sub-contractors involved in delivering a product or providing a service for the client, a company should guarantee that the part prepared by the sub-contractors is of equally high quality. This is one of the basic marketing concepts of TQM which discloses partnership with suppliers and subcontractors as a tool to find new clients and take new projects. can write a Custom Essay on TQM for You!

Concerning the value for the client, the contractor should make sure that the offer contributes perfectly to the needs of an individual customer or helps making profit or achieving success in business for the clients in business-to-business sector. For the loyal customers, the productivity of the contractor is also an important factor. Besides, loyalty may also be considered as a variable, because the long-term partnership with a contractor definitely witnesses about a certain satisfaction of the customer.

Other variables depend on the needs of the consumers. The most common expectations include the ability to meet a deadline, absence of mistakes and defects, individual approach to the customer, responsiveness and accessibility of the contractor. Correspondence to the timeline is a standard procedure which is self-evident for many businesses, while the level of errors depends mostly on the manufacturer, technology and complexity of the order. In TQM, achieving zero defects is a minimum requirement. Besides, clients usually prefer to control the accomplishment of the task and even make amendments to it, that’s why keeping in touch with the contractor is of high importance.

The aforementioned parameters are those which build the company up for the customer. Impossibility to meet them often results in losing a customer and the reputation. Professional and personal skills of contractor’s representatives, as well as understanding of the client’s needs also influence customers’ decisions.

Continuous improvement is a compulsory factor that affects the market. If a company does not offer new products, the TQM approach may not show its effectiveness and the company will still lack competitiveness on the market. That’s why gaining the lost market shares is typically the reason for implementing of Total Quality Management.

Practical experience shows that ignoring the market research gives no way to satisfy market expectations. In order to meet customer needs, companies sometimes create surveys to study the attitude of the client to the service and the contractor. For each industry, the requirements and expectations are different, though quality is the most significant variable that is achieved throughout internal and external regulations in the company.

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Total Quality Management Essay

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