Essay on Training Cycle

Main Stages of the Training Cycle

In the contemporary world training is extremely important and it is training that, to a significant extent, define the competitive position of the company in the market. In such a situation, the effectiveness of the training process becomes one of the main factors that influence the development of the company through the professional growth of its personnel. However, the effective training is impossible without the profound knowledge of the training cycle and ways of its practical application in specific industries. can write a Custom Essay on Training Cycle for You!

First of all, it should be said that the training process may vary depending on the circumstances of its applications and its goals, but still the major stages of the training cycle remain similar. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that the training cycle starts with the clear definition of the goals of the training. What is meant here is the fact that before start training it is necessary to clearly define what the training cycle should target at, namely it is necessary to assess the current needs of a company and define the goals of the training that could provide the improvement of the performance of a trained employee and the performance of a company at large.

As the goals of the training are defined, it is necessary to create the training team and find a specialist who could train the personnel selected for the training. In this respect, it is possible to recommend either inviting of a specialist that is experienced in the field where the training is needed or to use a specialist that works at the company and can share his/her knowledge with other employees to improve the qualification level.

Furthermore, as people for the training are selected, it is necessary to develop a plan of the training. In this respect, necessary to underline that the training cycle should include the planning that could count for a long-term, short-term and near-term perspective. In such a way, the training cycle would prepare specialists for different stages of the improvement of their skills. In fact, such a plan will make employees better understand the current, near-term goals of training, its further perspective in short-term and, finally the long-term perspective. It is important to start with long-term perspective and gradually lead employees to near-term perspectives that will show them how strategic long-term goals may be practically achieved.

After that it is necessary to execute plan. However, the execution of the plan should be accomplished by the evaluation and assessment of the training. These stages are very important because they help to define the effectiveness of training and give insight concerning possible improvements in the training process.

In practice, this training cycle may be implemented in different fields, including in training managers for the national retail organization. Firstly, it is necessary to define the goals, for instance, implement the strategy of the total quality management. Secondly, it is necessary to develop the plan – make quality a part of the philosophy of the company in long-term, focus on the quality in relations between employees and customers in short-term, and learn the major ways to improve the quality of the production and services in the near-term. After that it is necessary to implement the training plan and evaluate and assess its effectiveness. In this respect, it is possible to use quantitative data, for instance, changes in the level of sales in departments of the managers trained, or qualitative data, for instance, interview of customers to reveal whether they are satisfied with the work of trained managers or not.

Thus, the training cycle should be carefully planned and its outcomes should meet the goals defined at the beginning of the training.


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Essay on Training Cycle

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