Research Paper on Tourism

Research Paper on Tourism:

Tourism is the act of traveling for pleasure to a place other than where a person usually lives, which may involve a night at a hotel and possibly booking the transport.

Initially related to leisure and health, now tourism also includes all economic activities, which the person uses during his voyage (transport, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.)

It may be, for example, a business trip (it is called “business tourism”) or a religious pilgrimage (“cultural tourism”) or to travel in order to have sex with locals (“sex tourism”).

Medical treatment can also be the reason for the travel to another country; in this case, it is considered a medical tourism. can write a Custom Research Paper on Tourism for You!

Tourists are generally interested in culture or landscapes of the country they visit. This practice has long been the preserve of wealthy people who could afford to travel, to see the remarkable buildings, works of art, or to taste other cuisines.

Tourism has become an industry, when the middle classes in Western countries (Europe and North America) were able to start traveling. This was a general improvement in living standards that has allowed people to focus more on their leisure, including tourism, not to mention the considerable progress in the field of transport (maritime, rail, and especially air).

According to the World Tourism Organization, “tourism is traveling outside the person’s normal place of residence for more than 24 hours but less than four months, for the purpose of leisure, business (business tourism) or a health (health tourism).”

The term “tourism” has to meet four key parameters:

  1. the taste of the exotic, the discovery of other cultures;
  2. money available for the leisure activities;
  3. free time;
  4. infrastructure and communications reassuring and facilitating travel and stay.

College and university students, who are to write their research proposal on tourism, have to know that the term “tour” became popular in Britain in the late 18th century, when the young and rich British gentlemen had to take the “Grand Tour of Europe” to complete their education and escape the bad weather of their native island. Many young people went through Europe, and especially in places of aesthetic and cultural interest, such as the Alps, Rome, and European capitals.

Number of British and European artists from the sixteenth century made their “trip to Italy”. If Rome, Naples, and Florence have long attracted foreign visitors, it was the influence of the Romantic poets such as Lord Byron and William Blake that made the Alps, countryside, torrents, and mountain gorges popular.

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Research Paper on Tourism

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