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is the process of the global political, cultural and economical integration. Today processes of globalization are very active, because the whole world is involved into the international trade and a country can not exist separately from the rest of the world, because the economics and politics of the world spread upon every country. The process of globalization has already begun in the 12th century, when the countries of Europe started trading and build political relations between one another. With the run of time more and more countries became involved in the process and now the whole world is the one global community. There are international corporations which open their branches all over the world conquering new and new markets, international banks which serve in every country crediting people all over the world and in such a way connect them.

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It is obvious that globalization is provoked by the development of the capitalism. When a country starts economical relations with other countries, it becomes involved into capitalism and as a result in the process of globalization. On one hand there are many advantages of this process, because a country can receive the resources and goods it does not possess, it can find politically friendly countries and form unions which can protect the country from any threat. On the other hand, globalization is a negative phenomenon which threats to deprive countries of independence: political, financial and cultural. The world can become a single grey mass without any diversity that is why the process of globalization should be carried out wisely.

Globalization is the urgent topic which is worth attention. If a student has chosen to investigate this problem, he should be careful and attentive to collect enough data for the research. It is important to research this topic from all possible side, from the point of view of history, economics, politics, culture, etc. A student should explain the term globalization professionally, point out its advantages and disadvantages and support his point of view with the reliable evidence. A student should summarize the topic reasonably providing the reader with the predictions concerning the process of globalization.

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Term Paper on Globalization

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