Essay on Good Deeds

Good deeds that backfired

There was a man back in 1979, whose name was Bernard. He was a humble but a very rich man. He contributed his whole life to a small hotel business in France and spent more than 30 years trying to maintain the quality of the service for his customers and to raise his children, who would continue his work. However, his family did not seem to care much about the only dream of their father and hoped to get a chance to finally get control over the wealth he has earned in his life. can write a Custom Essay on Good Deeds for You!

Once Bernard was walking on the street and saw a young man trying to earn some money by playing on the violin. He decided to come closer and listen to the beautiful tune the stranger was playing. It took him only few minutes to decide he wants to do something for this young poor boy. He asked the young man to follow him to his hotel and offered him to stay there, helping in the reception, so he could earn some money.

As days went by, Bernard noticed that the young man became very involved in the business and seemed to care about it much more than those who were supposed to become Bernard’s followers. He knew the boy was smart and strong enough to be the new owner of his hotel.

Before Bernard died, he called a young man to ask him to fulfill one dream he had in his life. When he was looking in boys eyes, he knew this boy will make his dreams come true and will not betray his faith. This was the best feeling he had ever had and the best reward for what he has done for this boy years ago.


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Essay on Good Deeds

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