Essay on Ice Cream

Essay on Ice Cream:

Each person at least one time experienced the following problem- you have already tried everything from all cooking books and in the evening you have invited friends to watch some new movies on DVD and you just can’t make up your mind how to surprise them with some delicious food. Herein is presented how to prepare an amazingly tasty ice cream for a short period of time. can write a Custom Essay on Ice Cream for You!

First step is defining whether all needed ingredients are available. For biscuit in needed 4 eggs, 100 g of flour, and 100 g of sugar.

For impregnation 50 ml of sugar syrup, 25 ml of berry liqueur or “Cuantro” should be prepared.

200 g of vanilla ice-cream, canned fruits, 200 g of sugar, approximately 4 egg-whites (100 g)- are the most tasty and important part of the desert.

Expected preparation time for preparation of several baskets, depending of how many guests are expected and the oven volume, is about 20 minutes.

Expected time to prepare supplies, if everything is already bought and ready, is about 5 to 7 minutes to get everything ready.

First step is pastry preparation. Beat up eggs and sugar into scum. Continuing to beat up, add flour. When the pastry becomes homogeneous- spread it out with a layer of 1 cm upon the baking tray and bake under temperature of 230 degrees for about 5-7 minutes.

Then comes cutting the needed shape for the future desert. From biscuit cut off the circle according to the diameter of the shape that was previously chosen for the desert. Small shapes a la carte are more preferable to be taken, but desert can be cooked in a large volume as well. It is just personal preferences matter.

Next comes biscuit impregnation stage. Put biscuit on the bottom of the shape. Prepare sugar syrup (in proportion 1 to 1) – it will be enough just to lead it to the boiling point. To the cooled syrup add liqueur. Impregnate biscuit with it. It is very important not to over-pour liqueur, otherwise desert can be easily spoiled.

Then this is time to add up ice-cream and preferred fruits. Put circle of strongly cooled ice-cream upon the biscuit and then spread cut into segments canned peaches, pineapples, oranges, etc.

The final step can be called scum preparation. Beat up egg-whites into scum, put them into the confectionary sack and make a design on the dessert. Put it just for minute into the warmed-up oven- lust for the egg-white to become rosy and then serve it up! Bon appetite!

Your guests will be fascinated with the delicious taste of the ice-cream and the only problem that you will get is that they will visit you more often and you should prepare more baskets for them.


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Essay on Ice Cream

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