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Innovative Trend in Narrative Techniques in Works of Contemporary Writers:

Traditionally, Victorian narrative techniques and structuring are considered to be classical and it is due to these techniques and structuring many writers of the part gained the world acclaim. However, nowadays contemporary writers, as well as the writers of the 20th century at large tend to minimize the effect of traditional Victorian techniques and structuring, instead they reveal new trends which make modern literary works quite different from those of the past, underlying the uniqueness of the author’s view and perception of the reality. In such a situation, it is important to underline that along with distancing from Victorian traditions, contemporary writers attempt to find their own way, their own technique and structuring in order to emphasize their individuality and their own vision. can write a Custom Essay on Writers for You!

First of all, it should be said that, in spite of a strong trend to experiments that became the characteristic of the literature in the late 19th century and especially in the 20th century, writers who basically worked in the 20th century have some common trends in their woks and experiments. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that many contemporary writers tend to the focusing of the narration on monologues. To put it more precisely, unlike the traditional narration of Victorian epoch, contemporary narration rather represents the monologue of the author or the main character who fulfils the function of the narrator, while in the past authors often tended to distancing from the events depicted in their works and the life of characters, their inner world. In fact, in a traditional Victorian narration the author is rather an observer than an active participant of the narration. What is more the narration is characterized by vividness and careful depiction of the environment of characters, their life and problems as a part of society. In contrast, contemporary narration often represents a stream-of-consciousness. In this respect, it is possible to name works by V. Wolf, D. Nabokov, G.Swift and other, with a particular focus on the internal world of the main characters, though thoughts, emotions and feelings.

As a result, the structure also tends to be a kind of monologue, while in Victorian traditions the depiction of vivid, close to the real life communication was dominant. In fact, it is through discussions and dialogues the major message of writers of Victorian epoch was conveyed.

Nevertheless, contemporary writers have their unique trends in narration and structuring. For instance, V.Wolf’s “The Waves” actually constitutes of six narrations of a group of six friends. Their narration is focused on their reflections and is close to the internal monologue. Her “Mrs. Dalloway” is similar to “The Waves” in a way that the narration is basically focused on the internal world of the main character. Nabokov’s “Lolita” is also focused on the psychology of the main characters but it is revealed through the intricate wordplay and descriptive details. Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five” is similar to “The Waves” by Wolf since it also represents narration of five prisoners and the structure is divided into distinguishable part revealing each prisoner’s internal world. The similar trends may be found in works by G.Swift “Waterland” and Morrison “As If” when the narration represents a kind of internal monologue but in each work author reveals the unique internal world of their characters.


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