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In order to understand what productivity is in terms of training in a fitness center, it is necessary first of all to understand the definition of productivity. Productivity is primarily an economic term which implies the correlation of the input and the output. Generally it analyzes the speed and quality of converting input resources into finished product. In term of human resources it deals with the effort and labor (input resources) the individual contributes at his workplace. The bigger is the input of the individual; the better is the “end-product” of his work. This “end-product” can be anything starting from intellectual decisions to concrete material goods. Productivity is basically the evaluation of the efficiency of the labor. Nevertheless, at first glance gives no understanding what do labor productivity and a fitness center have in common. But this is just the first impression, as it turns out that their correlations are in direct proportion to each other. can write a Custom Essay on Productivity for You!

It is obvious that it is impossible to eliminate the “human factor” from any type of labor. People get sick, or feel dizzy, feel upset or depressed – all these factors tremendously influence their productivity due to the fact that a human being always stays a human being, and not a machine that does depend on the emotional and physical factors. A person with a static lifestyle has a very low rate of physical activity. In its turn physical activity is a pre-condition of a good productivity. This is primarily due to the fact that exercise stress tempers the body for greater activity.

Training in a fitness center is a guarantee of constantly growing body vigour. As the majority of the life people spend at work the term productivity should be primarily applied to this sphere of life. As it has been mentioned before productivity is in direct proportion to fitness activity. It is common knowledge that a good training does not only train the muscles but is a preventing system of many diseases. Diseases in their turn are the biggest threat for a productive labor as they time, strength and the intellectual focus of an individual. Training in a fitness center provides the individual with a physical capacity to do more work or any other type of activity. Therefore good state of health of the person attending a fitness center does not only imply that the individual will be physically fit but also leads to high labor productivity. Nowadays, a large amount of corporations take this issues into consideration and make sure their employee attend fitness centers. They view this action as a health problems’ preventive measure and the guarantee of the efficient work.

Another aspect of the correlation between productivity and training in a fitness center is the pattern of “overcoming challenges”. This implies that when an individual is attending a fitness center he learns to increase the physical activity. Such an increase is always a challenge for an unprepared body and therefore every time an individual faces this problem he get the lesson of overcoming obstacles. This pattern is afterwards applied at the workplace as physiologically it extended to all the spheres of the individual’s activity. Also physical activity is a good anti-stress procedure. As a result, individuals impressively raise their productivity by this factor.

The fitness perspective of productivity has a very important character for a contemporary person. Both the overload fitness principle and simulated training bring significant benefits for the productivity of the individual. The overload principle of fitness activity teaches the individual to learn what the process of training adaptation is. This training adaptation influences the activity of the body and therefore results in a higher labor activity of an individual, raising his productivity. As a result the individual function more effectively in all the spheres of his life. Simulated training is focused on supporting the achieved physical shape and therefore once the individual gets to the rate where his productivity is high, simulated training keeps it on this given level. These fitness techniques are analyzed by the individual psychologically and later are applied to the workplace improving the labor performance. Such training stimulates endurance which is the actual key to productivity.

The meaning of productivity in the context of training in a fitness center is a vital topic. This is primarily due to the fact that this fitness activity prevents diseases, depression and increases the endurance of the individual. Eventually, this endurance does not extent only to physical strength but also raises the productivity of any individual in many spheres of his life including work as the leading one.


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Essay on Productivity

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