Government Authority Essay

Authority Essay

Church is a municipal building because it is located on a certain territory, which is ruled and controlled by the local government. It is open for people and that is why it has to meet all the requirements of the local government. These requirements include appropriate electric transmission, sprinkler systems and a central alarm system. In addition it has to have health service, which is acquainted with sanitary regulations. can write a Custom Essay on Government Authority for You!

According to Local Government Code of Texas Status: Sec. 281.049. FEES; RULES, an authority has the right to enforce necessary fees, charges or rentals for services provided. The Code of Texas also states that authority may require fee from any private or public land located on governmental territory. It has also the right to demand keeping the rules of safety in the institutions located on governmental territories. Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 149, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987 regulate relations between governmental property and people who rent it. In the situation when a network of 13 local churches of town Texas want to house homeless families in church facilities, the organizers should take into account that this charity program will require unscheduled costs to provide all the necessary conditions in order to create necessary conditions for homeless families. Giving shelter for homeless people is a charity act but church authorities have to take measures to insure these families’ safety. These measures include the installation of appropriate sprinkler systems and a central alarm system, first of all.

Taking into account the fact that the decision to provide homeless people with accommodation is the initiative of the network of these 13 churches, the local government would not be taken at the sole expense of the authority. As a rule, church facilities are not used for accommodation of people and so the building of the church is not provided in a proper way. Only municipal buildings which serve their purpose can be provided for everything necessary for their normal operation free of charge. According to Sec. 281.054. COSTS OF RELOCATION the government can require any reconstructions, if they are necessary to ensure the safety of people who live in municipal buildings. These means that government can require relocating, rerouting, or altering the contraction of highways, railroads, electric lines, pipelines of phone lines if mentioned above construction do not meet the requirements of safety. All the actions mentioned above should be made at the costs of authorities. These means that necessary costs should be should be provided by the owners, who rent the lands because necessary actions should be performed on the lands which belong to the government. The network of 13 churches can be referred to this case and that is why the local government has the right to demand the installation of sprinkler systems and a central alarm system at the expense of these churches. The costs of these systems have to be appraised the fire marshal of Texas and should be justified in accordance with safety measures for these churches.


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Government Authority Essay

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