Essay on Values in Life

on Values in Life

There are many advantages that a larger family would yield over a smaller one. In today’s world, families with two parents and many siblings instill a sense of pride and unity in each offspring. This has the potential for teaching life lessons that can, with time, transmute petty sibling rivalry into strong notions of honor, loyalty and fair-play. The advantages of a larger household can be both, intangible (such as teaching important values) and practical. Having a playmate and friend, for example, can be extremely stimulating during the formulative years, which leads to the life-long bond that they will share for the rest of their lives. Hence, the three major advantages of having a large family are learning values, having a playmate and benefiting from mutual protection for life. can write a Custom Essay on Values in Life for You!

Honor, discipline, integrity, and honesty are just a few of the most important values that a human being can possess in modern society. Throughout his childhood, a younger brother may at times resent his older brother for playful bullying or roughhousing (what brothers don’t do that as children?), but with the guiding hands of responsible parents, they will learn to respect each other. Respect, as we all know, is an incredibly powerful value that they can learn from each other.

Another example is the honesty that comes from brotherhood. If one sibling breaks a vase in a household, his first instinct may be to blame the other. But once realizing the damage this dishonesty does to his relationship with his brother, he quickly learns that “the truth will set you free”. Honor and discipline can best be learned from a sibling when, later in life, they truly begin to depend on each other. Each brother will do all in their power to uphold that dependence and not let the other one down. All these values will serve the brothers in school, work, and all other relationships they will ever have.

Another advantage to having a large family is the fun! A lonely childhood can be a horrible thing. When first entering school for instance, an only child can be shy and timid, making it harder to find friends. One example of how having a ready-made playmate in school can be advantageous is that, not being alone in a new environment such as school will furnish him with the courage needed to be more outgoing. After-school activities brings us to an important example of why having a sibling to rely on is beneficial. Siblings will learn from each other to balance homework and fun because neither sibling wants to only do homework all the time and neither wants to see the other (or himself) doing poorly in school. Therefore, having a playmate and childhood friend can be very stimulating and fun, inevitably boosting confidence, creativity and providing for a generally more fulfilling youth.

This leads into the third advantage of having a larger family, which is the protection as well as moral support that siblings can provide each other during school. School takes up many of the formulative years of your life and especially at the beginning can be quite tumultuous. This is where an extended helping hand from a loved one can mean the difference between disorientation and reassurance. The simple act of seeing a friendly face and talking about your day can relieve some of the pressures that comes from school.

There is also an especially fierce feeling of protection that older brothers have for their younger sisters during school. They feel they must shield them from the boys who might not be up to appropriate standards or whose intentions might be less than honorable. Finally, as previously mentioned, having a brother or sister can be very important and beneficial when it comes to learning. A child, pre-teen, or teenager will be much more likely to engage in good study habits and ultimately be more likely to succeed in school and in life.

Therefore, the advantages of having a large family are the learning of values, escape from boredom and feeling safe and secure for the rest of one’s life. Nothing can compare to the nurturing love one can feel from a large family with brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. Everybody can learn from each other while simultaneously teaching one another. A large family has the ability of reminding its members what is important in life, often times this being the family itself. Through this shared experience, each member becomes stronger and more mature because of it.


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Essay on Values in Life

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