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Britain had taken over Jamaica during the time of slaves. Slavery then ended and Great Britain had set them free. Now Jamaica has its own government, in which it became the crowned colony. Today Jamaica still works close beside Great Britains (Government of Jamaica.) Jamaica is a local self-government, which was introduced after World War II leading to full independence in 1962. Jamaica is a constitutional monarchy within the Commonwealth (World Book of Geography 427). The Jamaican government is organized into three branches Executive, Judicial, and the Legislative branch (Jamaican Government.) The Executive branch contains the head person, which is Queen Elizabeth II. The Judicial branch is the Supreme Court. The judges are brought into office by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister. Also the Legislative branch, which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives (The World Factbook 2002–Jamaica.)

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Jamaica has a military that has branches. Jamaican Defense Force including ground forces, coast guard, and air wing, Jamaica constabulary. To fight for the Jamaican defense people must be at least the age of eight-teen. If a draft were to occur people are eligible to fight for Jamaica from ages fifteen to forty-nine. The Jamaican military has 27,729 people involved. Each year Jamaica spends thirty million dollars on their military efforts (The World Factbook 2002—Jamaica.)

The Capital of Jamaica is Kingston. The total population of Jamaica is 2,680,029 people. Jamaicans mostly speak Spanish and English. There are also two main religions, which are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Most people that live in Jamaica are descendents of slaves. More than half the people are black and fifteen percent Europeans (Jamaican Culture and Religion.)

The island of Jamaica has rich cultures. The people that live on the island are friendly with everyone (Jamaican Culture and Religion.) The climate in the Caribbean is very tropical, hot, humid, temperate interior. Jamaican people listen to mostly rhythmic tunes, blues, and reggae. Jamaican music is mostly beats and vocal singing is highly uncommon. The terrain is mostly mountains, with narrow, discontinuous coastal plains. The Major resources located in Jamaica are bauxite, gypsum, and limestone (The World Factbook 2002—Jamaica.) There are many environmental issues such as heavy rates of deforestation, coastal waters pollution, sewage, oil spills, damages to the coral reefs, and air pollution from vehicle emission (The World Factbook 2002—Jamaica.)

The economy of Jamaica depends on tourism, bauxite, and the transportation business. The economy has been in a downfall ever sense 9-11 attacks on the world trade centers. A U.S dollar is equal to fifty-five dollars and eighty-five cents. There are currently 1.13 million people working in Jamaica. Jamaica’s main industries are tourism, bauxite, textiles, food processing, light manufactures, rum, cement, metal, paper, and chemical production (The World Factbook 2002—Jamaica)

The living conditions in the beautiful island Jamaica living conditions are very good. The average family size of a Jamaican family is two parents, and two kids. The houses are built with all types of materials such as brick, wood, and stone (The World Factbook 2002—Jamaica.) Jamaican foods are wonderful. These foods contain exotic spices, fruits, vegetables, mannish water; soups contain meats, jerk chicken, salted fish, and many other delicious foods.

Jamaican technology is advanced as the United States technology because the United States and Jamaica work together. Jamaica has telephones, cellular phones, computers, radio stations, transportation, airports and many other technology advancements. Jamaica also has Railways, waterways for petroleum products, ports and harbors. Some ports and harbors are located in Alligator Pond, Discovery Bay, Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Rocky Point, and Port Esquivel. However Jamaica only has a total of 1 ship of there own and have two ships owned by other countries for support. Jamaica many takes imports from other countries instead of them buying and laboring ships. Jamaica’s airports are not all the greatest but they serve the purpose. Jamaica only has eleven paved runways, and twenty-four unpaved runways. Jamaica’s technology is focused in parts where they use the most (The World Factbook 2002–Jamaica.)


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Example Essay on Jamaica

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