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People in favor of Megan’s law feel that the safety of America’s children should be kept at all cost’s, even if it means limiting the offenders rights. If sex offenders are truly rehabilitated, why then do 80 to 90 percent repeat their crimes? This statistic alone should be enough to warrant the law and it shows offenders are still violent even after a prison term.

One example of repeat offenders is the story of a man who lured a boy on a trail, chased him down on his bike, then raped, mutilated and stabbed him in the back. Somehow the boy survived and the man, Earl Shiner was caught. However, this did not have to happen. Shiner had a 24-year history of offenses starting in 1966. He was guilty of five offenses, including one murder. This man lived right down the street from the boy, however the information from his past had not been released. can write a Custom Essay on Megan’s Law for You!

This law would have notified the child’s parents and they could have informed their child to stay away from this person, or at least keep a closer eye on the boy. The laws are also popular. In a 1994 Gallup poll, 89 percent of adults said they favored laws requiring police to notify residents about sex offenders released from prison and living in their community. In a May San Diego Union Tribute poll, 59 percent of the readers who responded said the newspaper should run sex offender registration information, while 29 percent said the newspaper should run the information and pictures of the offenders even if the photos were dated.

This is not a normal crime like robbery or drug dealing, these types of crimes usually are done for easy money, or an illegal way to provide for one’s family. However these sex offenses are psychological crimes that are not fully fixable. The only defense seems to be notification. If a man is so dangerous that he needs to be “registered” with the local police and community, he shouldn’t have been released in the first place.

If a man is not dangerous, then there’s no reason for registration. Laws need to be stiffened. If you have been convicted of murdering and raping a child you should get life without parole or worse. This would help reduce crime. They also need to tell the offense that has been committed. People convicted of indecent exposure should not be on the list. These problems need to be fixed and then the law will be totally acceptable.

Children should be protected at all costs. Which is more important: the right of a child to grow up unmolested or of a man to live in peace. Obviously the child, who has their whole life ahead of them, is more important. There needs to be a rating system of the offenders where violent offenders and public nudity charges are different. One system that is in affect in some states rates them in Tiers starting with I, being the least likely to repeat the offense and least offensive, to III with is most likely to be a repeat offender and are violent offenders. They should not even call indecent exposure and public nudity sex crimes, they should come up with a new category altogether for these offenses.

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Megan’s Law Essay

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