Essay on Midterm Elections

on Midterm Elections:

Traditionally, elections play an extremely important role in the life of American people. In such a situation the recent midterm elections of 2006 seem to be particularly important as their result reveal the agreement, or to put it more precisely, disagreement, of the current policy of Bush administration. Remarkably, the results of the last midterm elections were quite predictable and not surprising as, traditionally, the midterm elections are usually not very good for the party holding the White House. This ‘rule’ was particularly true for the present Bush administration and the Republican Party for in the result of the midterm elections 28 seats from Republican to Democrat. However, such an outcome is not occasional or paradoxical. In fact, this is the result of the policy of the US President, who represents the Republican Party, and the dramatic changes that have occurred starting from 2002 and 2004. can write a Custom Essay on Elections for You!

On analyzing the 2006 midterm elections, it is necessary to point out that the structure of American legislative and executive powers imply that the country is a presidential republic in which a president plays the key role. In such a situation it is really possible to estimate that the midterm elections basically serve as an indicator of the current preferences of American people that could be used by the future candidates for presidential elections (Nagourney 2006). Moreover, the interest of average Americans to the 2006 midterm elections seem to be quite low, though some specialists (America Votes: US Elections 2006) estimate that the debate concerning the War on Iraq and War on Terror along with the domestic policy of the ruling Republican President administration stimulated citizens to take part in the elections and express either their support or rather rejection of the current policy.

On the other hand, it is obvious that these elections are of a paramount importance since they reveal whether the current policy of the president administration is correct and is supported by American people or it is destructive and not perspective for the currently running president representing the Republican Party (Stolberg 2006). In such a context the fact that the Republican Party has lost 28 seats and deteriorated its position in the House means that the majority of Americans disagree with the current policy of Bush administration.

Naturally, on analyzing the significance of the 2006 midterm elections, it is also necessary to remember that they cannot be insignificant because they are a part of a normal democratic system in which every citizen has a right to elect and be elected. In fact, elections are one of the fundamental symbols of American democracy this is why, if the image of elections is undermined, than in perspective the future of American democracy is in danger (Balz and Goldfarb 2006). This is one of the main reason indicating at the importance of the elections and its results, which, unquestionably, can influence the policy of the President Administration as well as the position of the Republican Party at large.

In fact, these elections have not only revealed the political trends and preferences of American society but they have also reveal whether economic policy of the current administration, its international position as well as its domestic policy are supported by Americans or not.

At the same time, the 2006 midterm elections are important not only form political or socioeconomic point of view, but also from a purely technological point of view. In this respect, they actually may be treated as a technical rehearsal of the 2008 presidential elections. To put it more precisely, this time more than 80 percent of voters used electronic voting machines and a third of them used this technology for the first time (Nagourney 2006). Obviously that in two years the number of voters using electronic voting machines would probably increase if the 2006 midterm elections proved their efficiency.

Finally, it is necessary to remember about the Florida recount battle six years ago since the repeat of this scandal threatens to the legitimacy of the midterm elections and create a precedent for the further trials concerning the recounting of votes (Nagourney 2006) that may be used one of the parties on the following presidential elections. This ‘heritage’ of the past elections also influenced the results of the last midterm elections as people, being dissatisfied with the policy of the President Administration, probably felt deceived and wished the outcome of the previous elections was different.

Thus, in conclusion, it is possible to state that the results of the 2006 midterm elections, were, on the one hand, the result of ineffective and unpopular policy of the current Bush Administration, while, on the other hand, it was the consequences of the success of the Republican Party in 2002 and 2004 that made this party the only fully responsible political force in power and the lack of public support made Republican the main political party responsible for the dissatisfaction of citizens and failure of American foreign and domestic policy.


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Essay on Midterm Elections

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