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It is hardly possible to find the person today who has never heard about internet. Internet has changed the modern life and it is impossible to escape from using it. If the initial purpose of internet development was to unite people and to enable them to communicate with each other and share information, today internet has become the way to advertise products, to spread news and even to get education. Without internet news would be spread only in published press and people would spend hundreds of dollars talking with their relatives and friends over the phone. can write a Custom Essay on the Internet for You!

Thus, internet allows staying connected with the family and contacts all over the world. Taking into account that there are no time zones, it is possible to talk to any person just with one click. Internet has improved the educational process. Professors and tutors are encouraged to provide their students with emails and provide the quick answer to their concerns. In this way, teachers who get to see their students only once a week, for example, are able to guide them and provide assistance at any time.

If internet was not developed and made global, people would be not properly informed about the events all over the world. It would take much more time to deliver information. In addition, every single individual is able to sort out the information and pay more attention to the news they are interested in. The importance of time is totally overruled in the internet world and it is not necessary to hurry home to see the favorite TV show because internet enables to read episode guides and monitor almost every show.

The educational benefits of internet should be mentioned as well. In addition to communication opportunity, students are enabled to find information relevant to their studies, to conduct intensive research for their final paper. The availability of e-books and online libraries empowers students to access the book they need without leaving their room. Thus, students are saving time and are able to complete assignments successfully and spend more time with friends. Teachers, on the other side, may use internet as the tool to update materials they present to students.

Internet provides the opportunity to realize the full potential both in education and business. Internet is especially beneficial for the people who are not capable of leaving their homes, but are willing to get education and work. It is even possible to get the degree while receiving education online. Without internet these people would have less opportunities in life.

There are hundreds of businesses today which operate only virtually (on the internet). Online businesses prosper and will prosper because people use internet to find the services and products they need. In addition, online shopping is not a new form of buying products any more and people use it freely to find what they need. Consumers can select the best offer both in price and quality seeing the full range of products in one internet window. Internet has changed the shopping patterns.

One of the positive things about internet is that personality details may remain confidential. There is no obligation to show the picture or provide mailing address. Shy individuals may use internet to find the soul mate, to share ideas and thoughts with others. People who are very busy working and have not enough time to devote to their friends, are able to stay in tough with them using internet.

Of course, internet has numerous disadvantages and has changed the life of people not only in positive way, but also in negative. Internet users are at risk of isolating themselves from the real life. Sometimes, they are not able to distinguish between the real life and virtual world. In addition, the opportunity to remain confidential is also the opportunity for theft. Today there are regulations protecting people from internet thefts and consumers are informed about essential elements of internet shopping. Nevertheless, the chance to be deceived is very high.

Internet is not regulated or controlled by government and, thus, it attracts dishonest people. For example, the spread of the music is illegal however; it is possible to download any song from internet. Interestingly, most of the sites offering free download have the remark that the song is placed only for one-time listening and the user must delete it immediately. None of teens would delete the song which was downloaded from internet and go buy expensive CD instead. In addition, there is no guarantee that the product ordered online will be of the quality described on the website.

Leaving aside positive and negative aspects of internet, it can be stated with confidence that internet has changed the concept of communication, education, and shopping. It has even changed the idea of employment and recreation. People can plan their weekend or holiday trip using internet: first, to decide where they want to go and what to do, and, second, read the opinions of different people about the chosen place and/or activity.

If internet was not developed or did not expand globally, the modern life would be not different from 30 years ago. Numerous ideas would never be shared and innovations which are already part of everyday life would remain only ideas. Without internet, global community would know much less about the events taking place in different countries and the information would spread much slower. Start-up businesses would be in difficult position in finding investors without internet. Internet has created the opportunity for home-bound individuals to get education as well employment.

Every company, social and even governmental institution has its own site which informs the internet users about the organizational purposes, services and products. Internet makes life easier and more complicated at the same time. Internet has become the new world of information.


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Essay on the Internet

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