The Library Card Inheritor Essay

demise of Paul came as a blessing in disguise for Harmon. The Alexandria National Library had denied Harmon a chance to become a member for a long time. The manager, who was an old woman, insisted that the library had reached its elastic limit. “We cannot add any others to our already stretched resources. Please try another institution from downtown.” Magdalene said with a sheepish smile, which made Harmon curse her more.

Today was an extraordinary day for Harmon. After fruitlessly trying to gain the coveted card; his lucky day ensued under unexpected circumstances. Paul had been shot during a gun shot exchange with the police. Paul had spent numerous hours gaining knowledge on how to carry out a successful robbery.

However, his plan fell just short of the world’s worst theft. He was apprehended before he could carry out his master plan. In a matter of seconds, the police had shot him before he could use his weapon. This incident was a blessing in disguise for Harmon. He got the elusive chance to occupy the library thanks to the demise of Paul.

The library had made it clear that the only time they could accept a new member was after an old member died or was convicted. This made it possible for Harmon to occupy the space shortly after Paul died. This opportunity did not present itself easily, since he had not learnt of Paul’s demise right away. He got to read about it in the newspapers three months after Paul had died. Harmon was upset with the old lady, Magdalene, for not having the courtesy to inform him of the latest development. Lady Magdalene, on the other hand, displayed no signs of regret. She shrugged as she reluctantly offered Harmon the library card he had inherited from Paul.

The Library Card Inheritor Essay
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