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Frederic Skinner was an American psychologist, one of the most influential and prominent psychologists of the twentieth century, according to the American Psychological Association. Skinner is also known as a writer, having published works of art and has received considerable notoriety as an inventor.

Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 in the state of Pennsylvania in the small town of Susquehanna. He was brought up in a friendly family, which, nevertheless, brought the child to respect discipline and order.

In his youth, the future psychologist, fond of different mechanical devices, designed a device for hanging up his pajamas. As a child, he played the saxophone in the school orchestra, and was very interested in literature. Already in the age of fourteen American high school student has shown that he had an extraordinary mind. can write a Custom Research Paper about B.F. Skinner for You!

In his youth, Skinner, who had an extraordinary capacity for work, spent most of his time in the laboratory. He graduated from Hamilton College in upstate New York, intended to do literature in the future.

Psychology was optional in the college, so Skinner did not attend these classes. The interest in psychology came to him later.

In the thirties of the twentieth century, after a long creative quest, he chose a new scientific direction. He enrolled the psychological department at Harvard University in 1928. Realizing that he lost a lot of time, Skinner lived and learnt in a spartan regime and almost refuse any leisure activities, but this dedication has yielded results. Already in 1931, Skinner received his Ph.D. and published his first scientific research in behavioral psychology.

Five years at Harvard University, Skinner studied the behavior of animals. In 1936, he moved to Minneapolis and had been working for 9 years as a professor of the University of Minnesota. Then, for more than two years, he had been the head of the department of psychology at the University of Indiana.

In 1948, Skinner became a professor at Harvard University, and had been working there for more than 25 years, until the retirement.

For half a century Skinner wrote 19 books and a large number of articles. His earliest article is believed to be The Concept of the Reflex in the Descriptions of Behavior, where the conditioned response was interpreted as derived from the actions of the experimenter.

In 1938, Skinner published his main work The Behavior of Organisms, in which he set forth the basic principles of operant conditioning. Operant responses as a deliberate action are different from the reflex responses. Skinner believed that the observed behavior is also connected with the effects of the environment.

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Research Paper on B.F. Skinner

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