Drug Abuse Treatment Research Paper

Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug abuse has recently become one of the most significant social problems of contemporary society. This acute issue is a subject of multiple researches. The most relevant issue related to this problem is drug abuse treatment. Numerous scientists put their efforts to find the answer to the question: Is drug abuse treatment effective, or there are any other ways to reduce the scope of this problem? John B. Murray argues that drug abuse treatment is very effective. On the other hand, Robert Aspler states that no efficient evidence of drug abuse treatment effectiveness was ever found.

John Murray in his article “Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance for Heroine Addiction” describes the effectiveness of methadone maintenance program in treating heroine addiction. Arguing that methadone substitutes heroine for abuser, Murray considers it to be an optimal method for patient. He emphasizes its positive social effect, such as crime and AIDS reduction, improved health, stable employment of drug abusers.

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Robert Aspler in his article “Is Drug Abuse Treatment Effective?” states that drug abuse treatment effectiveness cannot be clearly identified due to lack of data and broad research. He considers the claim very controversial, arguing that among diverse treatment methods it is unreal to determine the most effective one, and states that much investigation should be made to analyze the effectiveness of methadone maintenance.

In his article, John Murray talks about proved effectiveness of methadone substitution for heroine abusers. Although he provides numerous research and statistical data in his writing, his argument seems to suffer from generalization. While talking about effectiveness of methadone maintenance, Murray proves this claim with only general data, avoiding clear evidence. Thus, his argument is invalid. On the other hand, Robert Aspler questions the effectiveness of drug abuse treatment, stating that very few investigations were carried out in this field due to multiple obstacles. Aspler’s argument seems true and valid, as he provides reasonable information about not enough research in the field to talk about drug abuse treatment effectiveness.

Between the two articles we discuss, Robert Aspler made the stronger argument. His evidence was true and valid, relying his claims on credible research in the area. On the contrast, John Murray’s evidence was, to my mind, invalid and generalized.

The acute issue of drug abuse treatment effectiveness can be solved only after investigating numerous factors, such as the effects of separate treatment methods; post-treatment patients; non-treated drug abuses; and many more. Only careful consistent examination may help finding solution of this problem.


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Drug Abuse Treatment Research Paper

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