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Research Paper on Rock Music:

Rock music is one of the genres of popular music, which is characterized by the use of guitars and drums. There are many various styles of rock music, from relatively light such as Britpop, pop-rock, rock-n-roll, to heavy, aggressive such as heavy, trash or death metal. Rock music lyrics vary from romantic and love themes to aggressive social behavior and sex.

The history of rock music has its roots in the forties of the twentieth century and is largely based on the blues, from which the first styles of rock music came: rock and roll and rockabilly. A folk and popular music of the time, such as country, folk, music hall, skiffle had major influence on the formation of the first styles of rock music. can write a Custom Research Paper on Rock Music for You!

During the long history of this genre, there have been attempts to combine rock music with almost all possible music genres: academic music (rock art appeared in the late 60’s), jazz (jazz-rock appeared at the end of the 60’s – early 70’s), Latin music (Latin rock appeared at the end of the 60’s), Indian music (raga-rock appeared in the mid-60’s). In the 60-70’s virtually all of the most popular rock music styles came into existence, the most important of which, in addition to the above, were hard rock, punk rock, and avant-garde rock. Such rock music styles as the post-punk, new wave, alternative rock (although at the end of the 60s there were early representatives of this trend), hardcore (large subgenre of punk rock), and later heavy metal styles: death metal and black metal took beginning in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In the 90 years grunge (introduced in the mid-80s), Britpop (appeared in the mid-60’s), alternative metal (appeared at the end of the 80s) were widely developed.

U.S. and UK were the main centers of origin and development of rock music. Most rock performers use English to write their lyrics. However, as a rule, with some delay, the national rock music has appeared virtually in all countries.

To write an original research paper on rock music, students must find out solid definition of the genre. In this connection, the definition by so-called “musical expression,” which differs from that of other music genres by virtue of increased dynamics (loudness) of performance (according to different sources from 110 to 155 dB) and is specific to rock music, because even the sound of a large symphony orchestra rarely reaches 115 dB. Your investigation must also include study of free examples research papers on different rock music topics. They can be of great help especially for young and inexperienced writers, who just make their first steps in this arena. You can find these free samples on the Web.


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Rock Music Research Paper

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