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Titanic was a British steamship built by the White Star Line company. It was the second of the three twin liners, such as Olympic, then the largest passenger ocean liner in the world. During her first voyage at night April 14, 1912, Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank within 2 hours and 40 minutes. There were 1,316 passengers and 908 crew members on board. Only 711 of them were rescued. This disaster has become one of the biggest disasters of the last century occurred in peacetime.

Titanic was laid March 31, 1909 at the shipyards of the Harland and Wolff shipbuilding company in Queens Island (Belfast, Northern Ireland). It was an expensive shipyard, but performed almost all of the work independently and was famous for its excellent quality. can write a Custom Research Paper on Titanic for You!

Titanic, whose length was 268.98 m and width – 28.2 m, was equipped with two four-cylinder steam engines driving external propellers, and a steam turbine driving a middle propeller. The combined capacity of this power plant was equal to 50,000 horses. At full power, Titanic could reach 24-25 knots.

The liner had four pipes. The diameter of each was 7.3 m and the height was 18.5 m. The first three pipes withdrew smoke from the boilers. The fourth one, located over the turbine compartment, served as an exhaust fan. The fourth pipe was exceptionally cosmetic to give the ship a more powerful look.
In the engine room, there were 29 159 coal-fired boilers and furnaces.

In accordance with the formal requirements of the acting British Merchant Shipping Code, the steamer had 20 lifeboats, which was enough to fit 1,178 people, i.e., 50% of passengers and crew members. One lifeboat could accommodate 65 people.

The liner had a double bottom, of which the inner was located about five feet above the keel and took 9/10 the length of the vessel, leaving free only small areas at the bow and stern. The boilers, reciprocating steam engines, steam turbines, and generators were installed and firmly fixed on the steel plates, the remaining space was used for cargo, coal, and tanks with drinking water. In the engine room section, the inner bottom was 2.1 m high above the keel, which increased protection with the damaged outer. The liner shocked contemporaries with its innovative technology and luxury, and became a materialized dream of the man ruling the ocean.

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Research Paper on Titanic

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