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Magnetism is the form of interrelation of the moving electric charges on distance maintained with the help of the magnetic field. In the one row with electricity magnetism is one of the brightest examples of the fundamental electromagnetic interactions. Nearly every material is affected by magnets but there are a few materials which are not influenced by magnetism: copper, plastic, aluminium and gases. People have been familiar with magnetism for thousands of years stating from the ancient China, were people noticed the power of magnet more than 4000 BC, while the ancient Greeks first mentioned about magnets in the 8th century BC. The ancient Chinese, Indian, Greek and other civilizations used magnets for the construction of compasses, which were widely used in sea navigation.

Due to the use of compasses people could travel in seas and oceans safely and know their direct location.

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The medieval period in Europe is known to be the pause of the development of science, so the nature of magnets was not yet known. The detailed research on the problem started in the end of the 16th century and is closely connected with the great geographic explorations, but the final discovery of the nature of magnets occurred in the 19th century and magnetism became an important part of science. It is interesting that animals are serious affected by magnetism and they feel Earth’s magnetic field and orientate in space with its help. Fish and sea mammals are extremely dependant on the geomagnetic field, because they use it as a compass to move in the water.

Magnetism is the essential part of the existence of life on the planet, because the activity of the live organisms is influenced by its power. Writing a magnetism term paper the student should read about the problem as much as possible to be able to analyse the facts well and provide the professor with the high-quality description of the topic. One is expected to explain the natural phenomenon of magnetism in detail, present its core elements, origin, types and impact. The student should mention the development of the science which studies magnetism from all aspects and summarize the paper professionally, evaluating the importance of magnetism, application in the human activity and probable further development of the discipline.

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Term Paper on Magnetism

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