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Religion is a complicated system of certain world views which are based on belief in supernatural powers, various values and definite types of behavior. Religion has always accompanied the human society during its development in the long run of time. Dozens of thousands of years ago religion has already existed among the first Homo sapience.

People did not believe in certain gods, but worshiped nature and its phenomena. People were afraid of storms, showers, strong heat and they believed that they had to sacrifice something to make the weather more favorable. Later, religion was transformed into a bit more complicated system and a great number of gods appeared.

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Every god symbolized a certain natural phenomenon or the sphere of human activity, like hunting, agriculture, etc. and people worshiped this circle of gods and sacrificed animals and even people to please the gods. Then, even more complicated religions appeared, like Christianity and Islam. They are based of the belief in a certain one god whose powers are unlimited and he controls the world, people, animals, plants, as he had created everything.

Every religion has got a certain writing evidence where all the sacrament laws are noted. For example, Christianity has got the Bible, Islam has got Koran, etc.

People have always been divided into certain groups according to their religious views and religion can be treated like the way to divide people, because the majority of the conflicts are based on religion, people of different religious views fight with one another trying to prove their religion is better. Evidently, people should find a compromise and tolerate one another and his system of moral values.

Nobody knows what religion is correct and whether religion should exist at all but everybody should respect the representatives of different religious groups and cooperate with one another and live in peace. A well-analyzed term paper should explain the meaning of religion, its types profoundly, describe the difference between the religions of the world and the process of their development. Then, it is important to present the positive and negative impact of religion on the world. For example, because of religion the development of science was very slow, because the church had banned its ideas and concepts for many centuries.

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Term Paper on Religion

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