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Socialization, and Social Interaction Essay:

One of the United States central values that have evolved to become less important over time is marriage. Americans in the U.S. practiced marriage more often and longer in the 1960s, where marriages involved relatively younger persons. Conversely, the rates of marriage have declined over time, with a whole repertoire of social and cultural factors accounting for most of the observed declines. Previously, cultural orientation of the American society condemned singlehood. While American condemned singlehood initially, this status is no longer frowned, and individuals tend to tend to take longer times before getting married. can write a Custom Essay on Sociology for You!

Besides, cohabitation is increasingly becoming popular, as people prefer to stay together before marriage as a way of evaluating prospects of marriage to the mate. However, most cohabitation does not lead to marriage. The conflict theory offers the best explanation to this problem, as each of the prospect mates tend to evaluate the marriage to a spouse in terms of gains they may accrue from the relationship.

New friends and new job prospects are the main venues for socialization these days. For instance, when a person relocates to a new neighborhood, they often make new friends whose influence may lead them to assimilate new activities, some positive or negative. The symbolic theory of sociology explains this tendency best. In regard of a new engagement, the recruit has to grasp new rules of the game related with the roles of the organizations he has adopted. Socialization in the context of a new job often demands that the newcomer learns new words and interact with a novel peer group. Most likely, the person will be faced with the need to choose between loyalty to his bosses or to his peer group. In such situations, the individual’s central identity will influence highly, the choices people make, and their responses to new circumstances and challenges. These groupings creates a platform of aggressive competition for resources and opportunities that often tend to be scarce, leading to act of racism, discrimination, and conflicts between individuals and groups.

Social Class
Attributes that influence class include athletic talents, achievements, personal skills, and appearance. With the current high standard of living in the U.S., a relatively small proportion of Americans have access to highest live standard. There is a great inequality in terms of access to education, health, and other consumer goods and services as just a one percent of American possess nearly a third of the country’s wealth. The conflict theory of sociology can best explain this class stratification as the rich with access to immense wealth of the country have power over the less wealthy Americans. In the U.S. class, stratification and living standards are based, in part, on occupation. On top of the effects, income has on a person’s living standards, occupation influence class through the comparative degree of prestige they can afford. Employment in engineering, law and medicine bestows high social standing. Police officers and teachers are respected, generally, while bus drivers, janitors, and waiters form the lower rankings.

The people of Nevada will essentially elect person who sell policies that will improve their economy. The debate on approaches to minimize inequality between social standings of American citizens will shift the burden of the poor and the jobless to the affluent members of the society. The high number of person supported by welfare programs must look for jobs to minimize the burden on the taxpayers, because social issues account for the recessions, greatly. If the economy fails to improve, then most businesses in the State will close down leading to a greater disparity in the social stratification across the State. This is because the State of Nevada will experience higher unemployment and dependency on welfare programs. More people in the welfare program will encourage more people to seek welfare aids, rather than finding employments or investing in business or alternative forms of income generation, in accordance with the symbolic theory.

Measures to Address Social Inequality
I think that this direction is not right, in light of the biological and psychological differences between the two genders. This debate is essentially politically motivated rather than an attempt to address economic inequality. In essence, the idea serves to satisfy a feminist perspective of gender inequality. However, in the real sense, the impact of these roles is greater in women than in men. Women are more susceptible to emotions associated with military combat than men are. The best sociological theory that suits this debate is the functionalist perspective. Conversely, the perpetrators of these debate only seek to satisfy the feminist ego of “what man can do women can do better”.

This debate contrasts that which concerned racial integration in the military in the sense that the later was not political. The latter debate could help address economical inequality as it meant that equal opportunities are availed to all people regardless of their race. On the other hand, the debate on employing women on military missions will promote loss of core values. For example, the tendency of a woman who gets a military experience to divorce could be more, as the change in emotions may lead her to despise her man, while the desire to nurture children may diminish leading her to abandon her children. On the other hand, the later debate will enhance social integrity between people of different races, as people learn to respect each other, based on moral and ethical principles. The sociological theory that explains the arguments is conflict theory as the female veteran may view the husband as a threat to her honor.

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Essay on Sociology

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