Essay on Texting and Driving

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With the development of the mobile technologies more and more people purchase cell phones and use them for various purposes. Cell phones are commonly used in business and just for keeping in touch, but everybody will agree that due to cell phones life became more rapid and people started to lose their privacy. Going along the street we see thousands of people talking over the cell phone and hurrying somewhere. The most negative moment in the growing popularity of cell phones is that they are used in inappropriate situations. For example, more and more drivers are talking over the telephone and cause troubles on the road. The situation is far more stressing, when driver choose texting except of talking. can write a Custom Essay on Texting and Driving for You!

Evidently, such activity on the road is the most dangerous thing which can be imagined. a driver does not look at the road but texts with someone and very often on high speed. Such people forget about children and animals who enjoy crossing the road spontaneously. A driver should be careful and follow the road all the time, without the right to lose control even for one second. No wonder, because of texting the number of car accidents is becoming more and more frequent and thousands of people become victims of careless drivers every year.

There have been adopted laws which restrict drivers from texting and talking over the phone while driving. There are strict fines and punishments which are supposed to stop the texting fever on the road but these measures are not always effective. Students who have to write a good essay on texting and driving are expected to research the topic in detail and present their own opinion about the problem. One should research the problem, its cause and effect, find out what laws restrict drivers from texting and what punishment waits for them. Students should describe about the danger of texting while driving on the examples from the real life to sound persuasive and critical. Finally, it is required to introduce good methods which will be useful to solve this problem.

It is not always easy to prepare a persuasive essay on a serious topic, that is why students require good model for writing to collect their thoughts and direct them in a good order.

Free sample essays on the dangers of texting and driving in the web will be useful for young people who have never completed an effective persuasive essay. In order to understand how to analyze the problem properly, compose and format the paper professionally a student will need to take advantage of free essays on teenage texting and driving to collect more ideas for writing.

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Essay on Texting and Driving

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