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Paper on Knowledge Management:

Knowledge Management is the set of procedures, methods and techniques to detect, study, determine, classify, accumulate, and share knowledge among parts of organizations, in particular the knowledge created by the company itself (e.g. marketing, research and development) or gained externally (e.g. intelligence) to attain the goal.

Knowledge is not only a value in itself, but it also generates a multiplier effect in relation to the other factors of production, affecting the level of their performance. Thus, in today’s economy a source of competitive advantage is not a profitable market position, but hard to replicate knowledge assets and their placement. Moreover, the main priority is not the creation of knowledge, but their transferring and using inside of the organization. can write a Custom Research Paper on Knowledge Management for You!

In each company, there is a specific model of knowledge management, taking into account the company specific activities, the scale of its production, its organizational characteristics, and its corporate culture. However, regardless of the direction the information flow takes, knowledge management ensures the monitoring of the implementation in the organization of four successive processes: socialization, externalization, combination, internalization, which creates a spiral of knowledge. The central task of management, therefore, is to ensure the effective functioning of this spiral.

Regarding to that, knowledge management system is a set of management procedures repeated on a regular basis and designed to improve the efficiency of data collection, storage, distribution, and use of valuable information from the point of view of the company.

College students must have deep understanding of what knowledge management is to be able to write a good research paper on this topic. To start with, the main provisions of knowledge management system should be reviewed and presented in the form of brief definitions and examples of their use. Also, researchers must submit evidence of the effectiveness of such systems and their impact on the effectiveness of the key processes in the economy. It is impossible to ignore the academic component of the knowledge management in education. That is why the investigators have to provide the theoretical basis of the knowledge management system and evaluate its significance in scientific terms.

Writing a research proposal on knowledge management will not be difficult when you are full prepared. And for that, you have to seriously investigate all the possible theories on knowledge management system. When the necessary level of understanding the problem is achieved, your job is to compose persuasive scientific text to rightfully demonstrate results of your hard work. One way you can do this is to consult free example research paper on knowledge management system. These professionally written samples may bring you a good deal of ideas you can use in your work. You will certainly find them in a quantity on the Web.


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Knowledge Management Research Paper

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