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History X
is an American drama filmed in 1998 and telling a story about American neo-Nazism in the 1990s. The movie is a debut for Tony Kaye, as a filmmaker and David McKenna, as a writer. Among other advantages of the movie, critics noted the talented acting of the lead actor Edward Norton, who was nominated for several awards, including the Oscar. Among the disadvantages of “American History X,” critics noted the scenes of excessive violence. However, most critics felt that these scenes give more credence to what is happening on the screen. The American History X is ranked 311th in the list of “500 greatest movies of all time” by Empire magazine and the 35th in the list of top 250 movies according to IMDb.

The film has the same title as the school essay, which black director Bob Sweeney gives his student Danny Vinyard, a member of the National Assembly of skinhead, to write, wishing to change the attitude of the latter. The phrase «American History» comes from the name of a school subject “American History” (similar to “recent history”), and can be interpreted as “the history of America” ??(similar to the “history of the state”). can write a Custom Research Paper about American History X for You!

Many critics noted that the film reveals very clearly the issue of Nazism and racial discrimination. The Variety noted that at a time, when the majority of American movies avoid such complex issues and are even afraid to have an “unhappy end,” the American History X gives a “deep” plot and very believably exposes the problem of Nazism today.

In the United States, the movie was released October 30, 1998. The box office over the first weekend was $156,076, covering 2.3% of production costs. Three days after the release, the American History X was ranked 29th on the results of the U.S. box office this week.

Maximum box office the movie reached November 20, 1998, earning $ 1,340,166. At that time, the American History X was on the twelfth place in the ranking.

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Research Paper on American History X

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