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Cake decorating as an art supposedly originated in the mid-nineteenth century in north-western Europe. It is believed to be a French tradition to serve a sweet cake as a dessert at the end of each meal. Since 1929 the Wilton company founded the first cake decorating classes. The training was welcomed by many cooks. After World War II, the Wilton school continued to develop the art of cake decorating and does to this day. Joseph Lambet is regarded as the father of cake decorating. He is the author of a cake decorating book, where he described his method. In 1976, the International Cake Exploration Societé was established in Monroe, Michigan. The Societé organizes the classes and helps the development and sharing of the art of decorating cakes and other sugar products. Today the cake decorating is spread throughout the world, becoming part of the culinary arts of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. can write a Custom Research Paper about Cake Decorating for You!

There are many methods and techniques used in this “sweet” art. However, the basic techniques are familiar to all masters and are applied in almost every style of decoration.

Typically, this is the use of icing sugar and other types of decoration, such as decorating using chocolates and candies. And even the use of powdered sugar, and a sprinkling of decorative lcing can be considered art.However, there are much more complex techniques and methods.

There are many similar patterns, which are used for decorating cakes. The most famous of them are the flowers, decorative cover with icing, marzipan and mastic figurines, fondant, and different types of icing.

The method of Lambeth
The traditional method uses the technique of sugar pattern. The pattern is laid on the cake, covered with fondant, using royal icing. Then another, lacy pattern is added. Other techniques used in the Lambeth method include the formation of a comb edge of the cake, the application of different whorls of patterns and drawing thin strands of sugar glaze.

The Australian method
This is a common method that is often referred to as the Australian method uses a pattern of royal icing laid on another intricate pattern resembling lace.

The Wilton method
Is a very popular method, which uses the cream to decorate a cake. Usually, the entire cake is covered with cream, or it is used to decorate a cake with not only different curls and flowers, but also with complex patterns and drawings. Today, it is impossible to imagine the cake decorating without the Wilton method. It has quickly become popular, as even beginners can use it, gradually improving their skills.

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Research Paper on Cake Decorating

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