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is a republic located on the East African coast of the Indian Ocean. Its area is 582,6 km2, which is 2 times more than the area of ??its former mother country – Britain. In the east, Kenya is bordered by Somalia, to the north and north-west it is Ethiopia and Sudan, to the west it is Uganda, and Tanzania on the south. The country is divided in 7 provinces and metropolitan area. Nairobi is the capital of the state. The president is the head of state and government. The legislature is the unicameral National Assembly.

With the exception of a narrow coastal strip, Kenya is a plateau; it is extremely diverse in topography, especially in the west of the country. Here you can see the massive ledges, numerous volcanoes, mostly extinct, except for Andrew and Teleki. From north to south, the western part of the plateau is crossed by deep fault-fussure, the edges of which are Highlands.

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The eastern edge is formed by plateau Laykipiya, Aberdare, and Kikuyu, and the western edge by Mau. On the eastern plateau Aberdare, there is the highest in the country and the second high after Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) in Africa, Mount Kenya (5199 m). In the west, a part of the border goes through the Great Lakes Victoria and the north border goes through Rudolph, the largest lake in Kenya. Most of the lakes are highly saline. In one of them – Magadi, where the bays and shallows contain a supersaturated solution of sodium salts, in 1962, two million flock of white-pink flamingos nearly died, relocated here from freshwater lake Natron, where there were unprecedented even for those rainy places tropical downpours of extraordinary intensity.

There are some rivers in Kenya. The largest of them are Tana and Galana, flowing into the ocean, and the Nzoya, flowing into Lake Victoria. The rivers of Kenya are shallow and unnavigable, many of them exist only during the rainy season. Rainfall in different parts of the country is not the same, the most part falls on the ocean coast and the western highlands regions (1000-1500 mm per year). The north-east of the country is poor for moisture with only 250-500 mm of the precipitation. During a year, there are two rainy seasons: March-May and September-November. The hottest months are February and March (27, 8 °), the most cold-June and July (23, 9 °).

Students writing their research proposal, have to study free example research paper topics on Kenya to understand that its climate is sub-equatorial. Climate of the Kenyan highlands is one of the best in Africa. The fauna of Kenya is extremely diverse. In the north-east of the country, there are deserts and salt flats. With the increase of precipitation, it is replaced by the semi-desert areas with sparse grass cover and low saplings. Highlands of Kenya are savanna with fertile lands, dense grasses, baobabs, and palm trees. In coastal areas and river valleys savannah is interspersed with evergreen tropical forests and mangroves.


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Research Paper on Kenya

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