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, born September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi, and died July 6, 1962 in Byhalia in the same U.S. State, was an American novelist.

Although he has published poems and occasionally served as screenwriter for the Hollywood, he is best known for his novels and news. Published since 1920, he was little known before receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949.

Having located most of his stories in his home state of Mississippi, Faulkner remains one of the most significant writers of the South, along with Robert Penn Warren, Mark Twain, Truman Capote, Flannery O’Connor, Tennessee Williams, and Eudora Welty. But beyond that it is recognized is as one of the greatest American writers of all time and a major writer of the 20th century who had a great influence on subsequent generations.

His best-known novels are probably The Sound and the Fury (1929), As I Lay Dying (1930), Sanctuary (1931), Light in August (1932), and Absalom, Absalom (1936) often considered his masterpiece.

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Son of Murry Cuthbert Falkner and Maud Butlet, he comes from a family of businessmen and lawyers, former rich and impoverished in New Albany in Union County (Mississippi). Deeply influenced by the life of the South American States, the Mississippi marked his sense of humor, tragedy (caused by social division between the white race and black race at the time), his ability to build typical characters of the south. He took the name of Faulkner for, as he said, “separate myself,” mainly from his father whom he did not like, it was also a way for him to gain a foothold as a writer.

He enlisted in the Canadian Air Force during the First World War, but the 1918 armistice was signed before he could make his first flight, which did not prevent an injury received in battle. Explaining inter alia that he had an iron plate after his battles, he lied to his family about his exploits.

Storyteller, alcoholic, seller in bookstores, and mail carrier, Faulkner spent most of his time writing and reading. Among his favorite authors, we find Melville and Balzac.

Students writing their research papers on William Faulkner, should look through free example research papers, which let them know that his novels were mostly psychological dramas giving much prominence to emotions and to scenes of ??a tortuous and subtle prose and a very elaborate prosody. Like most prolific writers, he suffered from jealousy and contempt for others, and was considered a rival of Ernest Hemingway (his long sentences opposing sharp and minimalist style of Hemingway). He is also seen today as a major representative of American literary modernism of the 1930s, following the experimental tradition of European writers such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Marcel Proust, known for their use of multiple narrative point multiple views, internal focus, and narrative ellipses.


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Research Paper on William Faulkner

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